Evaluating CrossWorks

We provide an evaluation version of CrossWorks in order to allow you to try out CrossWorks before you buy it. For most versions the trial is limited to 30 days. However the CrossWorks for ARM evaluation can now be downloaded and and used for an unlimited time but with a code size limit of 16KB or it can be activated to allow evalaution of the full version for 30 days.

The software that you use during the evaluation is a fully functional copy of CrossWorks. When the evaluation period is complete or code size limit is reached in CrossWorks for ARM, you will no longer be able to build or run your own programs. If you subsequently decide to purchase CrossWorks we will send you an activation key that will permanently unlock your copy of the software.

To start evaluating CrossWorks, simply download the version you require and then activate your evaluation.

Starting Your Evaluation

Once you have downloaded your version of CrossWorks you will be able to run CrossWorks and try out its features, but you will not be able to build or run your own programs until you've received an activation key from us.

To get your activation key, select License Manager from CrossStudio's Tools menu and then request an evaluation activation key.

To get an activation key in older versions of CrossWorks, select About CrossStudio from CrossStudio's Help menu, select the Product Activation tab and click Send Key.

If you wish to do this manually, please e-mail your registration key to license@crossworks.com - on receipt of your registration key we will e-mail you a temporary activation key good for 30 days.